Meet Gary

RMGDRI Special Needs Foster

Gary (born 6-2020) is a black male Dane. He is a sweet guy who kind of got the short end of the stick health-wise.

Gary has Angular Limb Deformity of his front legs and is currently waiting to be seen by our vets. (He came into rescue on 8-27-2020). His first appointment is set for September 16th. He is starting swimming this week to get his strength up and get him use to being in the water.  This is where most of his therapy will be.  

It is likely that he will need surgery on both of his front legs, his right leg being worse than the left.  This is the  same bone issue that Tiny (2017-2019) suffered, but since it was diagnosed early, we have high hopes that he will be able to lead a normal life. 

Once we find out what he is dealing with, we will have a better idea how to treat it. We will keep everyone updated on this page, so you can follow his progress, and send good vibes his way.

We have already started fundraising for his care. Since we don’t currently know how soon we will be able to resume our fundraising events, we are counting on everyone to spread the word and make donations online for his care.  

Please help us fund his care!  Even a small amount can be huge on getting him the care he needs.






9-8-2020 – Gary goes camping!   Gary got to go camping with his foster family for the holiday weekend.  He had a great time and wanted to  shout out a thank you to everyone who has donated to his Sponsor Gary fund!

Camping is FUN!

I got a new jacket to keep me warm!

Makes me look handsome dont you think?

9-10-2020 – Gary goes Swimming!   Gary had his first swimming lesson.  He will need to be comfortable in the water for his therapy once he has surgery, so no better time than now to get him used to it.  

9-10-2020 -Oh, I found out my foster brother makes the BEST dog bed ever.  What do you think?  He looks like a bed, so no one would ever know that I was not lying on a bed. He is such a wonderful foster brother.  

9-11-2020 – I went to the vet to get my puppy vaccinations today.  I was really brave and everyone there loved me. (How could they not???).  I’ll have to come back and see them in 4 more weeks for some more and so they can see how big I have gotten!

9-16-2020 – Gary had his appointment with Dr. B. for his orthopedic appointment. He’ll have to come back in 4 -8 weeks to see how he is progressing with the exercise and food changes. Dr. B. thinks that because he is still young enough, the issue may correct itself somewhat. He does have some issues with his elbows that may need to be addressed when he has surgery. For now, Gary gets to be the puppy he is…

9-23-2020 – Gary had his appointment with his regular vet today because his foster mom noticed he had a snotty nose.  We’re so glad she did!  He has pneumonia! and is now on antibiotics.   

10-27-2020 – Gary’s doing really well and has his next appointment with the specialist on December 3rd.  

He’s been working on his exercise equipment that was donated for him and getting stronger everyday.  He will be starting back swimming soon and has been having a blast going in adventures with his foster family.  Like all Dane puppies, he is getting bigger everyday!  



12-3-2020 – Gary had another appointment with his Orthopedic Specialist. We are still hoping for good news but are on stand-by for a couple more months to see what the next steps will be to continue his journey to a healthy, comfortable life. Gary is growing fast and his legs do appear to be straightening out.  His next appointment is in February. 

Santa knows I’m a good boy, right mom?

3-1-2021 – Gary is 8 ½ months old now and continues to grow and progress.  He had his latest appointment with the orthopedic vet on February 10th.  After measuring the angle of deformity of his front legs, Dr. B. has recommended surgery to correct them both.  Additionally, the surgery is most effective between the ages of 8-10 months old and they would like to do one leg at a time, starting with the left leg since it is slightly worse than the right.  The cost of the each surgery will be around $3500-$3800 per leg. 

Gary is otherwise in good health, weighting in at 100lbs, staying active and continuing to learn and follow commands.  He especially enjoys his toys, sleeping on the couch and playing in the snow.  


4-1-2021 – As a recap, Gary came to RMGDRI at 9 weeks old with an Angular Limb Deformity. With the intense help from his veterinary team, including specialists, veterinarians, therapists and caregivers, Gary has made remarkable strides. With proper nutrition and therapeutic stretches and exercises, the Angular Limb Deformity that Gary was diagnosed with has improved! It’s not perfect, but gives RMGDRI immense hope that corrective surgery may be avoided. Surgery is not normally considered if the curve is 10% or less and Gary’s are much improved at 10% and 11%.  We reached out to one of our other orthopedic  veterinarians regarding his progress and he would not do surgery unless the curvature increased past where it currently is.

At 9 months old Gary still has a lot more growing to do. Stay tuned as we continue his nutritional and therapy interventions with the hope that surgery may be avoided all together!! 

Please refer to the radiographs for comparison. The top photos were taken in August 2020, the bottom photos were taken in February 2021. The yellow ovals bring attention to the Angular Limb Deformity. Take note the difference in severity between the top and bottom photos. The orange arrows on the right leg point out Gary’s growth plates. 

Thank you everyone for your support!  Because of you, we have been able to get him all of the therapy and care  he needs to lead a normal life and the hope that he can avoid surgery all together!  We will keep you updated on his progress. 

6-6-2021  Gary will be one year old tomorrow! But he had his birthday party today and had 11 friends celebrate with him. Needless to say, he loved being the center of attention!

6-30-2021  Gary will be ready to go to his forever home soon! He will need to be neutered before leaving rescue and once that is done, his adoption will be complete.  He has brought joy to everyone he has known while in rescue and we have no doubt that his future holds the same.  


Thank you all for your support in helping us care for all of Gary’s needs.