Meet Sparky

Status: Available

Sex:Age:  7yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Black & White



Sparky, here! I’m new to the Rescue and looking for a great place to enjoy my senior years.  I like several short walks a day.  I’m not gonna lie to ya – try to take me for a hike or a run and you’re gonna have to carry me home.  Foster Dad called me an Old Man.  Hmmmph.

Really, I’m just a lazy couch potato, and I get on the couches when Foster Family is away, heh heh.   I am leash trained, house trained and I know commands, including high five.  I pretty much ignore other dogs when I’m on walks, but I’ve not really been around other dogs or cats with Foster Family.  I am afraid of loud noises and I bark at them.  People are okay, but it may take a proper introduction and bit of time for me to warm up to them.

I really love eating snow and sometimes I get spurts of puppy energy.  Best of all, when I’m feeling snuggly, I will sit on your lap.  Sooooo – have you filled out  an application so you can ask for me, Sparky?  Come on, get to it!  Please.

I’m being fostered in Colorado.