Rocky has a home with his new forever family, Jon & Jerrie, in Boulder, CO! Jon & Jerrie are previous adopters, and we are so happy they chose to rescue from us again! They have owned three Danes in the past, Oola and Stella who were adopted from RMGDRI, and Oz whom they lost a little over a year ago. They currently have a 1 year old Yellow Lab named Cooper, who will make a great playmate for Rocky! When Jon & Jerrie saw Rocky on the website, they were smitten. He reminded them so much of their sweet Oz, who was also a big Bluel Jon looks forward to taking Rocky along with Cooper on their morning hikes, and with someone home all day, Rocky will have constant companionship and as much play time with Cooper as he can stand. We are so excited for Rocky and his new family! Way to go sweet boy!