Meet Oreo

Status: Waiting Transport

Sex: Intact Male    Age:  9 mos    Ears: Natural

Color: Harlequin  Weight:  lbs

Special Needs:  Giant Breed Experience Required

My name is Oreo and I am one tasty, sweet filled Great Dane cookie!  I am being surrendered due to no fault of my own.   If you’re looking for a child friendly, cat, friendly, dog friendly, Great Dane pup under 12 months — I am ready to be scooped up!  Did I mention I have had professional training, too?!

More about Oreo:

  • Intact Male (Will be neutered)

  • Housebroken

  • Crate trained

  • Good with male and female dogs

  • Good with cats

  • Good with respectful children, all ages

  • Has had professional training

  • Walks well on leash

  • High energy, playful, affectionate, friendly

  • Giant Breed Experience required due to age.

If you would like to foster-to-adopt or adopt Oreo, submit your adoption application today! Reach Karen at or Candice at if you are already an approved foster / adopt family and would like to add Oreo to your family.