Meet Lily

Status: Under Evaluation

Sex: F    Age: ~7 yrs    Weight: 90 lbs

Ears: Natural   Color: Black


Dear Great Dane Loving Families:

My name is Lily and I was told you are good hoomans. Can you help?

My family left Utah in a hurry and couldn’t take me with them. I was left HOME ALONE. I don’t know what I did wrong to be left all by myself. I’m such a good girl!

First. I am safe. I have a wonderful foster home that is caring for me.

Read all about me below. I don’t take up THAT much room on the couch and I have excellent spelling.

More about Lily :

  • Spayed female

  • Good with dogs

  • Good with children

  • Cats unknown

  • Free roams / doggie door

  • Leash trained unknown (very mild mannered)

  • Knows commands

  • Mild energy

  • Quiet, friendly, affectionate

I am being fostered in Utah.