Meet Lilo

Status:  Pending Adoption

Sex: F    Age:   4 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Black   



Hi Everyone,    I’m Lilo.  I have lots to tell you about me, and here is what Foster Mom wrote down for me:

I am a princess and all humans are my royal court.  I am very friendly and love to be petted.  I do not let my Foster Mom out of my sight, but when she leaves me for a little while alone, I will search the house for her.  If I don’t find her I’ll get in her bed to wait for her.  At night, I sleep on my bed but rise early and make sure you do too!  I love early morning walks and zoomies in the park where I love to make new friends.

I know my basic commands and want to please, but I do not know hand signals.  I do not get on furniture unless I’ve been told I can for the first time.  Once a piece of furniture has been approved for lounging, I will gladly use it when I’m in that room.

I won’t jump on you unless you motion me to do so by tapping your shoulders. I am curious of all animals but I wait for permission to make new dog friends.  I am unsure why statues don’t like me and won’t play with me.  There is a big moose statue on our street, but it must not like me very much because it won’t walk with us.

I walk 2 miles every morning around 5:30 and spend most of the day by Foster Mom’s side.  It’s a good thing she is outside most of the time so I can investigate the chipmunks, squirrels and other animals in the yard.

I like to chase livestock, just in case you have any that need chasing.

Ready to bring me home with you?  Fill out an application and ask for me!

I’m being fostered in Colorado.