Meet Kingston


Status: Foster Needed

Sex: M    Age:  1½ yrs Ears: Natural

Color: Harlequin with Merle Grey   Weight: 115 lbs



 Mooooove over and make room for the king of house cows — meet Kingston!

Hi folks, I’m Kingston, and probably the handsomest house cow you’ve seen.  I have bounced around a bit for such a young guy but looking for my own pasture and couch to claim.  I was recently surrendered to a rescue after living with 5 other Great Danes.  I am described as playful, friendly to family and visitors, and a goofball.  I don’t tend to play very much with balls and toys and prefer a more chill, mellow mode. 

I am used to bigger dogs and not quite sure what to make of these little dogs or cats.  And for that matter, I have not been exposed to little humans so unsure with kids.  Ideal foster home would be a confident leader who can assess me and give me strong guidance.  If you are a new family to Great Danes or Giant Breed dogs but have rescued dogs with limited training, he would be ok.  And we welcome experienced Great Dane and Giant Breed families as well.  Large non-alpha dogs in the home with slow introductions ok.

  • Some crate training experience

  • Ok with non-alpha large dogs

  • Needs leash training

  • Needs improved basic commands but a fast learner!

  • No cats, small dogs — Unsure about small dogs or cats

  • No children under 12 given his history with children is unknown

  • Lower energy, goofy sweet Great Dane

Are you interested in fostering or fostering-to-adopt the king of house cows, Kingston?  Reach out to Karen at or Candice at