Kimber has a home with her new family in Arvada, CO! This will be Donna’s third Great Dane from RMGDRI! We love that she has come back again to add another Dane to her family! It was love at first sight for Donna when she saw Kimber on the website! She was looking for a little older female, and at 5 years young, Kimber was the perfect match! Kimber will be the only dog in the home, but Donna has lots of friends and family with dogs, and even brought her grand-dog along when she met Kimber for the first time. Donna plans to take Kimber for daily walks, and they will spend lots of time exploring and hanging out in the back yard. Kimber gets to have Donna home with her most of the day, so she will enjoy having a constant companion, and getting a good ear scratch whenever she wants one! We are so happy for both Donna and Kimber! Way to go sweet girl!