Meet Gumby

Status: Foster Needed

Sex: M    Age: 2 yrs 8 mos    Ears: Natural

Color: Blue   Weight: 120 lbs 




Gumby was a little green, bendy slab of clay — cartoon character from the 1960’s — he was beloved worldwide and best known for his good heart and kind nature.  How fitting this sweet, sweet Great Dane is named Gumby! 

Gumby is being surrendered due to ‘behavior challenges’ not uncommon with Great Danes under 3 years.  He needs a Great Dane or giant breed savvy home to help him find his way. Could that be you?  Meet Gumby:

“Hi guys, are you ready to go on a Gumby great adventure with me? Well, I’ll go wherever you go because being with humans is always the best adventure to me.  I also don’t mind adventures filled with cats, respectful older kiddos, and select dogs after proper introduction.  Because I am still in my teenage, adolescent years, I can be a bit “hard of hearing” — so I would do best in a home with a strong human leader.

I have mild energy despite my young age, but I am still a whole lot of puppy.  I happily show off my puppy talents playing with balls, stuff animals, playing around or in water, and playing with other dogs.  I do love to run around the dog park.  At the same time, I can also be your loveable couch potato, talkative, friendly — but a bit shy with visitors.

I do well walking on a leash with the support of a confident human to reassure me when we come across new things I haven’t seen before. I have also learned basic commands but like most teenagers, I can be selective when I choose to listen.  The good news is you will never get a teenage “eye roll” from me — ok, maybe I will give you a goofy, side eye stare that we Great Danes are so good at giving. 

I am struggling with potty training.  I am told I am healthy and my accidents in the home could be from separation anxiety.  I really want to be a good boy.  I think in the right home and with support of a strong leader, I can overcome these accidents and grow into an “adulting” Great Dane.

More about Gumby:

  • Neutered Male

  • Not housebroken; struggles with accidents – possibly due to separation anxiety

  • Crate trained

  • Good with cats

  • Good with neutered/spayed dogs after proper introduction* *Has had issue with an unaltered (not spayed) female dog in the apartment / home.

  • Good with older, respectful children. (No children under 10)

  • Good with all people; can be shy with visitors

  • Walks well on leash. Exposure to new objects or people can make him nervous

  • Knows basic commands; could use reinforcement training.

  • Requires a Great Dane or Giant Breed experienced home

If you would like to foster or foster-to-adopt Gumby, submit your foster application today! Already an approved foster family with Great Dane or giant breed experience? Reach Karen at or Candice at and let them know Gumby is your guy.