Meet Fiona

Status: Available

Sex: F     Age: 1 yr    Ears: Natural

Color: Mantle  

I am Fiona and I am the Dane dreams are made of.  I am super sweet and affectionate.  I love to cuddle and snuggle on the couch and I follow my Foster Family everywhere.  I love walks, and need one at least every day, and I get zoomies in the back yard with my excess energy.

I am crate trained, but still learning the house training thing (I’ve learned to bump the door handle when I need to go out).  I came to the Rescue not knowing any basic commands – but I’m learning new things every day at my Foster home.  I’m pretty good at learning boundaries.  The 8 year old Dane I’m living with does not appreciate all my energy, and that is one of the ways I’m learning boundaries :}

I am learning leash training and making progress there.  I chase rabbits in the back yard, so maybe I would be better off not living with a cat – they all look like rabbits to me.  My favorite habit ever is getting and giving hugs.  I will put my chin on your shoulder when you are sitting down and just love it when you wrap your arms around me.

I am looking for a home with people who love a cuddly, Velcro dog.  Someone who has the time and patience to work with me on training to bring out my full potential.  A family that has time to be outdoors with me and take me on walks or hikes, would be amazing.  And most of all, someone who will love to cuddle with me and not leave me alone too often.

I’m being fostered in Colorado.