Meet the Duncan

Status: Available

Sex:     M         Age:     1 yr      Ears:  Natural

Weight: 116            Color: Black       Updated: 3-3-2022

Special Needs: Giant Breed Experience Required



Hi Everyone, I’m Duncan and I am looking for a family to call my own!

I used to live with 4 kids and I love being hugged and kissed by them.  As Foster Mom says, “…if hugs and kisses come from children, he is over the moon.  As for adults, Duncan just loves to lean, sit or lay on them – depending on if they are standing, sitting or in bed.”  I think Foster Mom got that figured out pretty good.    I lived with 4 cats, too and did great with them.  I am crate trained and house trained.

I am very sweet and very loving and playful with my Foster Family dogs.  We play chase in the back yard for hours.  When I’m not playing with dogs, then all I want in life is to snuggle up with humans.  I can lay next to you or sit on your lap, as long as we are touching.

When I meet new people on the street, I’m a bit aloof and withdrawn but once I get to know someone, I’m back to happy puppy! I am looking for a family that is willing to work with me and teach me great things and help me build my confidence.

Trivia for you, not trivial for me:  Great Danes were bred to hunt wild boar and to protect the estates of noblemen.  I take this very seriously and I don’t have a very good filter for when it is okay to guard and be protective, and when it is not appropriate.  I need a home with people who can be consistent, strong leaders who can teach me what is appropriate.  Fair warning – I can be very stubborn – another of my inherited traits I have elevated to an art form.

Do you have tons of love and patience to work with me consistently?  Do you have strong leaders who can help me reach my full potential?  Are you ready to fill out an application and ask for me, Duncan???

I am being fostered in Colorado.