Meet the Diego (aka Dex)

Status: Medical Hold – Waiting List Available

Current Age:   20 months

Special Needs:   Giant Breed Experience Required

Requires Daily Medication for Seizures


Hey there, I’m Diego! I’m a sweet now 11 month old male Dane with natural ears looking for a loving home to call my own. I’m good with other dogs and pretty much ignore the cats in my foster home. I’m good around people, but I’m still learning not to jump or paw at them – you know, the puppy in me. My foster family has been working hard with me on my training and I’m doing pretty well! I’m crate trained and slowly learning my commands. I still have some accidents, but I’m getting better about going potty outside.

I love going for walks, especially when I can hold part of the leash in my mouth. I also love playing tug of war and stealing water bottles – those are awesome! I will require daily medications for the rest of my life.

I think that covers most things, but why don’t we get together to see if you could be my perfect family?

Diego is now ~125 lbs. 16 months old that was born into RMGDRI. He is the last remaining puppy from our Destination Litter. He suffers from epilepsy and requires a number of daily medications and a very strict day-to-day routine to manage this condition. The biggest challenge for Diego (& us) is maintaining all of his medications within therapeutic range while he’s growing like a weed!! Diego’s primary veterinarian, neurologist, & RMGDRI’s veterinary director work closely together to make sure this sweet fellow stays healthy and seizure-free

He has a a long stretch with no seizures. Which is so exciting for this guy! Diego has a very mellow demeanor but loves to play with ropes and is an absolute glutton for food. He enjoys roughhousing with his foster Dane sister Ruewina but can also be found catching a good nap with her too. He loves people of all sizes and if given the opportunity, he will sit in your lap fully expecting to be loved and scratched. How could you not?!

To learn more about Diego or to follow his story, please visit his sponsor page here.