Meet Claire

Status:  Under Evaluation

Sex: F    Age:  3 yrs    Weight: 110 lbs

Ears: Natural    Color: Brindle  

“If only I had thumbs, I could rule the world!”

My name is Claire and I am looking for my foster or foster-to-adopt forever home. My current family can no longer keep me so I need a new soft couch to land on.

I am one sweet, friendly girl to family and visitors, but I don’t like it when my family is gone for super long hours all day.  I get bored and I am smart.   This means when I’m left unsupervised, I have the ability to open every kind of door.  I’m pretty sure I could crack open a safe if there was a bone inside!!  So when I say, “if only I had thumbs, I could rule the world,”  I’m not kidding – I am brilliant and can be a Houdini!

Putting aside my smarts, I have many other wonderful qualities:  I am human loving (children all ages), dog loving (male and female, big and small), cat loving, livestock loving and bird loving nature girl!  This is a whole love of nature loving!

I mentioned earlier how smart I am – well this includes commands and tricks like ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘lie down’, ‘shake’, and ‘speak’.  I am confident I can learn even more.

More about Claire and her ideal home:

  • Intact female (Will be spayed)

  • Housebroken (Occasional accident if left for long periods of time)

  • Escape Artist Extraordinaire (Secure yard and home)

  • Good with dogs

  • Good with cats

  • Good with birds, livestock

  • Good with respectful children (all ages)

  • Ideal family is home more often than away.

Claire is being fostered in Colorado.