Meet Casper

Status: Available

Sex: M    Age:  1yr    Ears: Natural

Color: Merle  Weight: 130 lbs

Special Needs: Giant Breed Experience Required

A Giant Baby, that’s what Foster Mom called me, hmmph.  I follow her everywhere and walk like I’m attached to her.  So I am looking for a Giant Breed Experienced home (see our website for the list of GBs).  I’m looking for a home where people are home more often than gone.

I’m a very quick learner.  I didn’t know any commands at all, but I learned “Sit” really fast.  I don’t know how to walk on a leash, yet.  There are so many wonderful things for me to learn!  I would enjoy living with another dog (did you already know my sister, Luna, is looking for a home, too?).  I could also do pretty well as an only dog, as long as my humans would be around a lot.  But cats, no.  I probably would not do so well with cats.

I am super cute when Foster Mom tries to teach me not to get on the furniture.  I put my front paws on the bed and she said “off”.  I have no clue what that means, so I creeped a bit further.  She said “off”.  Still don’t know what that means.  We kept up this fun game until I just laid down, flopped my head on the bed and gave a little sigh because the game was over.

Have you been looking for me like I’ve been looking for you?  I need a home with either older children or no children, and people with time, experience and patience to teach me how to be the most amazing Dane I can be.  And loves and attentions – lots and lots of loves and attentions!   Please fill out an application and ask for me.

I am being fostered in Colorado.