Meet Buck

Status: Available

Sex: M     Age: 6 mos  Ears: Natural

Color: Black   

Special Needs: Giant Breed Experience Required



Hi All – I’m Buck and I’m looking for my forever home!  I’m new to the Rescue and have a few things to tell you.  About me.

I am very outgoing and happy.  I love to follow Foster Family around the house to make sure they behave.  I’m very intrigued by their 4 yoa Great Dane, but I’m have not quite figured out how I should play with him yet.  But don’t you worry, I will get that sorted pretty quick.

I love people and dogs and I’m pretty comfortable laying at people’s feet while they are working, or hanging on the couch.  I kinda like to keep an eye on everyone, but if I’m sure everyone is ok, I may go to another room to take a nap.

I’m working hard to learn leash walking, an not to jump when I’m excited or want inside.  I’m currently living with 5 kiddos and we all get along just swell.  I love play times, punctuated with frequent naps – gotta rest up for the next play time!  I’m also working hard on what you humans call “potty training” – I’ll get the hang of that soon!

It’s been pretty cold where I’m staying, so I have this cool coat I get to wear outside.  I like wearing it inside too.

Are you looking for a handsome dude like me to bring home and spend time working with me and teaching me all I need to know to be a Great Great Dane?  Fill out an application and ask for me!  I can only go to a home with Giant Breed Experience, since I’m such a young fella.

I am being fostered in Colorado.