Meet Bodhi

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: NM    Age:  2 yrs 7 mos    Ears: Natural

Color: Mantle 

Do you know what Bodhi means?  It means Enlightenment, Awakening, Understanding of True Nature.  That’s me, Bodhi!

I am Energetic, Joyful, Affectionate, Playful and a Clown.  I really like to please people and I am quick to respond.  I really like meeting new people, especially the ones that want to pet me.

I walk right beside Foster Mom without a leash, but when the leash comes out, I pull a bit.  I’m not that interested in other dogs when we are out walking.  When Foster Mom uses the hand signal for Come, I race over to her.  I know Stay, but if something interesting is going on around me, I may not Stay for that long.  I am crate trained and house trained and I am trustworthy with free roam.

I have not been around children, so if you have some of those, I would probably need some help learning how to play with them.  I sometimes jump up on people after getting my zoomies out – so excited to get back to the people!  I know I shouldn’t do it, because halfway into my jump, I sort of self-correct.

I used to live with a cat, but have not seen any of those since I’ve come to the Rescue.  When it’s play time with other dogs, I love to chase them and do the chest bump, but I really don’t try to get close to other dogs when we are out on walks.  Right now, I’m living with two smaller dogs.

I love to run.  I love to throw my stuffies in the air and jump to catch them.  I need some stimulation in the mornings or I get a bit antsy – a good long mid-morning walk will do the trick.

I’m looking for a home with people that want to love on me and have space for me to run and be safe.  Is that you?  What are you waiting for – haven’t you filled out that application yet and asked for me?

I am being fostered in New Mexico.