Meet Blue Harlequin

Status: Under Evaluation

Sex: M    Age: 6 yrs    Ears: Natural

Color: Harlequin   Weight: 170 lbs  



I know you are wondering why my name is Blue but I’m a Harlequin – just look into my eyes and you will see! I am looking for a forever home with people who can spend time with me, who would love to exercise with me and receive all the love that is in my big ‘ol body! I’ve been with my family since I was little and love them to pieces, but they have combined households and there is not enough time in everyone’s day to be with me.

I love long walks and I think everyone I meet is my new friend. I love to run and play. Don’t let that 6 year old tag fool you – I have what it takes to live with younger dogs and kids who respect my space and have been around big dogs before.

I am house trained, good with free roam and like every kind of people (except the little ones that want to pick on me). I live with a Chiweenie and a pitbull mix and 2 cats and I get along fine with all of them. When I meet new dogs, I get down on their level and I am very patient with them – I’ve been called a Real Gentleman.

Mostly, I’m looking for attention and affection – someone who is home, more than not, and wants to take me on great walks so I can smell smells and be your best walking buddy. I am very good at keeping secrets, so you can tell me all about your day and I will just snuggle up to you to make it better.

If you are out there looking for me, ask the Rescue – they know how to hook us up. Can’t wait to hear from you!

If you would like to foster or foster-to-adopt adopt Blue, first step is to submit your application today!   Already an approved family?  Reach Karen at or Candice at and let them know you are ready to pick Blue Harlequin.