Meet Binky

Status: Medical Hold

Sex: M     Age: 4 mos    Ears: Natural

Color: White with Tan

Special Needs: Giant Breed Experience Required


Binky update #5

This handsome guy is doing wonderful in his foster home.  As you might imagine, it is difficult to keep a young puppy quiet so that he gets the rest he needs.  He has an upcoming appointment to get his vaccinations and will have another surgery follow-up appointment.  We hoping he will be well enough to be adopted in the coming weeks. 

Thank  you to everyone who has donated to his care! We have raised over $4000 to help cover his current $6500 emergency surgery and care.  If you can make a contribution, please visit our store and make a donation to our medical fund.


Binky update #4!!

This handsome guy was discharged from the veterinary hospital this afternoon and is on the road of recovery!

During his recovery, it’s important that he rests as much as possible (easier said than done for this inquisitive guy). He will be receiving smaller meals frequently throughout the day. He’s on a few medications to help with pain and activity level and on a prescription diet to help make digestion a bit easier while his intestines heal.

We are eternally grateful for the outpour of support from Binky’s fans! While Binky has cleared his first hurdle, he still has a road ahead of him as he recovers.

To make a donation towards Binky’s medical care, you can click the ‘Donate’ button through Facebook or donate directly on our website at

Update #3 – Binky did well overnight. No further issue with regurgitation. He’s been taken off the medication that was helping with GI-motility. The biggest issue now is his profuse diarrhea. 🙁 The portions of intestines that were removed are responsible for absorption and due to the intussusceptions, his intestines are inflamed and angry. With time, as he heals, the intestines will calm down and continue doing what they’re supposed to do. Until then, we need to make sure Binky doesn’t become dehydrated.

The plan for today is to consult with Internal Medicine and incorporate their recommendations into Binky’s treatment and recovery plan. Keep those donations coming. We almost have Binky’s entire medical bill covered. We are so grateful to our generous supporters. You are all the best!!

Update #2 – Binky did well through surgery. It turns out this poor guy had suffered an intestinal intussusception, in not just one area but two areas of the ileum!! Check out the pink  diagram. This is a serious problem where the intestine inverts into itself causing contents like food and gas to build up. It is unknown what exactly causes this to happen, but the veterinarian leading Binky’s surgery explained that the abnormally sharp-hairpin-like-turns in Binky’s intertwine didn’t help. The veterinarian removed both of the intussusception areas and examined Binky’s entire GI-tract (from the lower esophagus to the colon) and did not see any further problematic areas. Even though the veterinarian examined Binky’s GI-tract thoroughly, he very well could experience another intussusception in the future. 🙁For now, Binky is resting and recovering peacefully. His surgery team would like to see him eat a meal and digest a meal before discharging him from the hospital. Please keep this handsome guy in your thoughts and sending healing vibes his way. Thank you to all that has donated and shared this post!! You make rescues like this possible for young pups like Binky!

Update #1 – Binky is doing okay. He is dehydrated and bloodwork revealed a high white blood cell count. He’s been started on fluids, pain medications, and antibiotics. Once he’s a bit more stable, the plan is that he will be in surgery first thing tomorrow morning.

We are humbled by everyone’s generosity and support. You are all FABULOUS! Dane hugs and slobbery kisses to you. Keep those positive thoughts and donations coming!

We need your HELP!

We got a call this afternoon that this sweet boy, named Binky, was brought in to the vet and it was suspected that he was suffering from gastric dilatation volvulus, GDV, better known as bloat. Owners were unable to afford the treatment, and opted to euthanize. We were called by a volunteer to see if we would take on his care to avoid euthanasia so we stepped up and transferred him to a nearby ER. Once at the ER, it is suspected that he is not bloating, but has something along the lines of a severe obstruction with possible perforation or a torsion of his colon. We will not know the extent of his condition until he is in surgery, but our quote was $5000-$7000.

Any donation you are able to offer is greatly appreciated and tremendously helpful for Binky and RMGDRI. We will update on his condition as we know more!

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