Meet Tigs

Status:  Available – Waiting List

Sex: M     Age:  1 year    Ears: Natural

Color: Black

Special Needs:  Giant Breed Experience Required, no kids under 13 yrs old.

Hey there, I’m Tigs! I’m an 1 year old black male Dane with natural ears. My family gave me to the shelter because I got too big, so I’m looking for a new place to call home. I’m good with other dogs, but can be a bit pushy when I play. I’m really just a big puppy still after all!

I’ve never been around cats, so I’m not so sure about them. I know my basic commands and am housebroken. I don’t like being alone. I can relax in my crate wonderfully if my foster mom is in the room with me, otherwise is takes a bet for me to calm down.

I walk great on a leash except sometimes I get excited when I see squirrels, other dogs, etc.  I definitely need to RUN and get my puppy energy out.  I dont know how big I am and sometimes jump on his people when I’m excited to give them a hug. Mom says I still have a lot of manners to learn so me and my foster mom are working with a really nice trainer to help me with these things.

I think that about sums up the big things, but we’ll have to get together to see if we are truly meant to be a family!

I am being fostered in Colorado.