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Tiny is a 6 month old black male Dane. He is a sweet guy who kind of got the short end of the stick health-wise.  Tiny has deformity of all four legs and is currently waiting to be seen by our vets.  It is likely that he will need surgery on at least two legs and possibly all four.  Once we find out what he is dealing with, we will have a better idea how to treat it.  We will keep everyone updated on this page, so you can follow his progress,and send good vibes his way.

9-9-2017 – Tiny was transported to his foster home today.  He had a stop at the vet for some pain meds along the way, and is now resting comfortably.

9-10-2017 – Tiny went to the vet today for a quick evaluation and an adjustment to his pain meds.  He is much more comfortable now and is even being a bit sassy to his foster mom.  We have appointments set for more extensive evaluation which will include X-rays and blood work and a better look from a specialist. Please send good vibes to Tiny and watch for further updates!

9/13/17 – Tiny went to the vet today for an evaluation and got to hang out with some friends afterwards.  We should have more information on his condition in the next day or two.

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9/15/17 –  This past Wednesday, this handsome guy had numerous x-rays completed in order for RMGDRI to better understand what is happening with his front legs. In brief, Tiny has an Angular Limb Deformity affecting both forelimbs. This deformity is caused by the premature closure of the ulnar growth plate.

Most dogs reach skeletal maturity at approx. 1 year old. However, for some unknown reason (genetics, nutrition, etc.) Tiny’s ulna (bone in the forelimb) has begun to mature 6 months early! While the radius (other bone in the forelimb) continues to grow. This asynchronous growth among the bones in the forelimb have caused his legs to bow sharply outward.

With the guidance from veterinary specialists, RMGDRI has started discussing surgery options to correct Tiny’s limb deformities.

Shout out to Alta Dog Rehabilitation for keeping this handsome sassy-pants out of trouble while his foster family worked.