Meet Daisy (Harlequin)

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: F     Age: 3 ½  yrs     Ears: Natural

Color: Harlequin

Hi, I’m Daisy! I’m a 3 ½ year old harlequin female Dane with natural ears. My family has to move and can’t take me with them, so I’m looking for a new awesome family to call my own. I’m good with other dogs and kids too. I haven’t spent a lot of time around toddlers, but the one I met was pretty cool! I’ve mostly been around teenagers so far. I haven’t spent any time around cats, but I’m okay around horses and I love chickens – I really like to talk to them. I know all of my basic commands and am housebroken. I’m also crate trained. I’m kind of scared of loud noises – you know, thunder, vacuums, that kind of thing. I’m also not a huge fan of balloons or rain – why the heck does water come down from the sky? Oh, and I love pumpkin puree in my food!

I think that mostly covers the big things, but what do you say we get together to see if we could be the perfect family?

I’m being fostered in Colorado.