Meet Bristol

Status: Pending Adoption

Sex: F     Age: 4 yr     Ears: Natural

Color: Brindle

Hi, I’m Bristol. It’s wonderful to meet you! If I had to sum myself up in two words, I would start with love and bug. I truly love all creatures great and small, from my humans, to human strangers, to other canines, felines, squirrels and the rest – you name it, I love it! I’m a sweet heart, and I get along with everyone. What’s more, I’m crate trained, house trained and know all of my commands.

Now that you know the basics, I’d like to move on to the things I love, which include: kids (my first home welcomed me when their oldest son was just two years old – what a kick!); cats (ditto on living with one peacefully); dogs (double ditto, as I’ve lived with a female lab quite famously); taking walks (I’m okay with a gentle leader or a regular collar and can be walked by both kids and adults); and, last but not least, my BED!

Can you relate? If so, let’s meet!

I’m being fostered in Colorado.